Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Journey Begins...

This morning, after receiving updated tetnus and hepatitus vaccines, Red Door volunteers Toni and Kate headed south on a mission to help the animals left stranded by Hurricane Katrina. Red Door is the only Chicago shelter sending workers and supplies directly to the front lines! Our daring duo drove many hours through southern Illinois, took brief sidesteps through Missouri and Arkansas, had a quick nod at Memphis and settled in for the evening at a hotel in the tiny town of Batesville, Mississippi. I just spoke with them and while exhausted from over 10 hours of driving, they are very excited to make the rest of the trip in the morning.

Tomorrow they'll go about another 330 miles to Gonzales, Louisiana--the site of the Lamar-Dixon staging area where thousands of homeless animals are being housed and cared for. We've worked with volunteers on the ground in Gonzales for the last week to determine what their needs are and to bring as many supplies as we can.

I'll bring you more news tomorrow when Kate and Toni phone me with an update.

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