Monday, September 12, 2005

LA and MS, Help is on the way!

Here’s a list of the items we have collected so far to assist with the Hurricane Katrina animal rescue effort. We worked closely with individuals on the ground in Mississippi and Louisiana to determine exactly what is needed. Some of these items have already been shipped to Mississippi; some are in the van going to Gonzales, LA with our volunteer rescue team. We have more items to ship and are in need of additional donations to assist with postage! Checks sent to Red Door should be designated "Hurricane Katrina" in the memo line.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave items!

Cages & Crates
30-35 Cat Carriers
15 Small Dog Crates
7 Large Dog Crates
10 Cages/Crates
7 Collapsible large Dog Crates
2 Hamster Habitats
2 Bird Cages
2 Large Pens

Food & Litter
10 25 pound bags of clay cat litter
5 25 pound tubs of scoopable litter
4 25 pound bags of Yesterday’s News
5 bags of varied sizes of other litter
2 bags of Oxbow rabbit Pellets
2 bags of bird seed
25 30 pound bags of varied dry cat food
15 10 pound bags of varied dry cat food
75-100 cans of varied cat food
20 30 pound bags of varied dry dog food
50 cans of varied dog food

Other Pet Supplies
35 water and food bowls varied sizes
30 small cage litter boxes
20 large litter boxes
20 disposable litterboxes
10 litter scoops
6 water bottles
2000 paper plates
10 dog and cat beds
100 towels/sheets
200 toys/chews
150 leashes/collars varied sizes

Cleaning and General Supplies
15 boxes of 50 pairs of latex gloves
5 bottles hand sanitizer
75 garbage bags
100 ziplock bags
2 pairs industrial work gloves
4 fans
5 flashlights
5 batteries
5 extension cords
Case of bottled water
Non perishable snacks for rescue workers

Medical Supplies
20 Cotton/Gauze pads
15 bottles of Dog/Cat Shampoo
5 bottles ear cleaning wash
2 bottles eye wash
20 boxes of SQ Fluids (10-15 bags of fluids in each box)
100 Needles/Syringes

Office and Packing Supplies
20 note pads
20 post-it note pads
30 rolls of packing tape
40 packing boxes

Cash - $1,400


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