Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sweet Home Chicago

Early Saturday morning, Toni and Kate arrived back at Red Door with the Louisiana animals:

*Gumbo, aka "Tootie," an orange tabby cat who was found in a junkyard in New Orleans; he comes complete with his discharge papers from the LA SPCA/Hurricane shelter at Lamar Dixon in Gonzales;
*Chickory and Beignet, two female cockatiels, one pearl-faced and the other pied;
*Dixie, a carmel and white female rex rabbit; and
*Louis, a black and white Dutch who appears to be about 5 months old.

All the animals are currently at Animal 911 and Chicago Exotics [] in Skokie, getting checked out. When last seen, Toni and Kate were heading to their homes for some well-deserved rest.

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joyce said...

Wow! What a trip... that really is amazing. Glad everyone made it back safe and sound! Hope everything's going well back in Chicago... I miss Red Door!