Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hoppily Ever After

Some rabbits have a long road to travel to find their Hoppily Ever After.  Here is Greg's story:

Greg originally came to Red Door in July of 2005. He was transferred from Anti-Cruelty Society and spent the next 6 months in our care. In January of 2006, he was adopted and bonded to a beautiful female named Grace.  Greg and Grace had several happy years together, but he lost his love in 2011.  In the midst of his grief, his "family" had to move to Hawaii.  Because of concerns about invasive species, it is very difficult to bring many pets to Hawaii.
Back at Red Door in 2011

But a Red Door Rabbit is a Red Door Rabbit for life, so Greg came back to us in September of 2011.  He was obviously sad and depressed, and was  also overweight.  One of our Board Members, Lee Kidd, agreed to foster Greg while we again began to search for a home for him.

What Greg didn't know was that he had angels on the horizon.  Keith and Amy had recently lost their bunny, Gelato, at the age of 8 1/2.  After some time, they decided to bring another bun into their lives, so they contacted Red Door.  "We knew it would be harder to find a home for an older bunny, and wanted to be able to spoil one who had been a little down on his luck recently."

Keith and Amy met several buns on their visit.  "Greg seemed very timid and sat quietly and stared straight ahead most of the time we were there, but when we were ready to go he turned and looked at us and seemed to connect with us a little bit.  A few days later we asked to be able to spend time with him separately and spent about two hours with him.  During that time he seemed curious and smart and warmed up a little bit.  He was reluctant to be petted but tried to chew Amy's shoe, so we knew he was feistier than he appeared.   He seemed to like the willow ball we gave him, and seemed willing to spend time with us.  We decided that, in his own way, he was letting us know he wanted to come home with us."

 "We were expecting an older bunny to be more laid back and cautious. But within a few hours of being home, Greg had explored most of our condo, had already figured out that the basket of bunny toys we gave him belonged to him, and had claimed his favorite lounging areas. Greg quickly got on a routine of spending time in a cage at night, in a playpen during the day, and wherever he wants to be when we're home. He is very well litter box trained and didn't have any difficulties at all.

Greg definitely still has some trust issues -- he does not want to be picked up -- but is becoming more comfortable with being petted. He is also scared when he hears a loud noise -- even loud music for a commercial on TV can be enough for him to take off and hide until he decides it's not a predator. We know 7 years is a long time to develop habits, but hope over the next several months he will continue to grow more comfortable in his forever home."

Professor Greg enjoys a quiet read
At nearly 8 years of age, Greg isn't exactly an Olympic-level binkier, but he's certainly enjoying his new life with his new family. He enjoys racing around the coffee table, playing with his toys, and lounging on the living room rug for an evening of TV. ('Law and Order' is a particular favorite)

"When he puts his mind to something, he tends to achieve it. You can tell when he is thinking about his next project -- he will sit and stare at something (the couch, for example), then stands on his back legs to study it further, and then finally -- when he thinks no one is looking -- he hops up onto it and claims his spot.

Sorry, Keith.  It's my chair now!
He has done this with all of our chairs, the couch, the back of the couch, and even our TV stand. When Keith was gone for a weekend recently, Greg seized the opportunity to occupy Keith's favorite chair and seemed quite pleased with himself.

So while there is no denying the appeal of a cute baby bunny, there are a lot of reasons to consider adopting an older rabbit. If they have spent time in foster care, you can find out a lot about their personality and habits, so you have a good idea of what you are getting into.  You won't need to worry about basic litterbox training.  But nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you are giving somebunny a second chance at happiness. 


Anonymous said...

Greg is a very lucky bunny. I was thrilled to adopt him to Keith and Amy. I wish all adopters would consider an older animal.

Amy said...

We are so lucky to have Greg in our family! His spunk and energy are so much fun!

Anonymous said...

What a great story. I am so glad Greg is a happy bunny.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Greg and his lucky new family!