Sunday, August 02, 2009

Goliath Gets a Big Send-off to New Home

Goliath is a medium-sized dog with a big heart. He was rescued from someone who could no longer care for him. And he deserved a better life--before he was crated all the time and given little love and attention. Red Door was happy to take in Goliath (we don't know wehre he got that name!) and a wonderful foster family welcomed him into their home. Thanks to your support, our work, and wonderful photographs by Sheri Berliner at, Goliath found the home of his dreams.

Here are a few shots of Goliath outside the shelter, both with his foster family and his adopter. Happy New Home, Goliath!

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Anonymous said...

I knew Goliath very well my aunt fostered him with the help of her family.He came to them on my dads birthday and had to bring him to our house because they didn't know how he would act home alone.He spent long days with them and he would know if he did something wrong and give you the big old puppy eyes and lay his head on you lap.I give Goliath my wish's and luck at his new home.