Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Memory of Blanche

We rescued Blanche a year ago in January. She was left outside in the freezing snow and, for awhile, it seemed like touch and go whether the vets could help her recover from her frostbite. Blanche was supposed to be a big white chicken, but she was skinny and pathetic-looking when we first took in. Her feathers were stained and falling out. But we wanted to do what we could to help her.

Chickens like Blanche don't live very long lives--on average, six or seven months. They're bred for their meat, so they gain weight quickly and then their systems give out. So once we had Blanche on the road to recovery, then what? Most of our regular chicken adopters weren't interested in her.

But we found a great chicken-experienced guy named Wade. He was interested in adopting Zsa Zsa, the orange bantam hen who was hit of the shelter. And he agreed to take Blanche, too. That was 18 months ago.

These photos show Blanche and Zsa Zsa in their new home. As you can see Blanche blossomed into a beautiful white chicken, who --acording to Wade--was always the first to greet him at the door of the coop.

She lived a long and happy life with Wade, Zsa Zsa, and several other hens. We always hoped she would beat the odds stacked her against her--and she did. We're happy we got to know her and helped her find her home.

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