Monday, August 31, 2009

Relaxing at Home

In a rare moment of repose, we show you Dora the Explorer--now re-named Adelaide--relaxing in her new home. She earned her shelter name easily, by wanting to see everything she possibly could. A weekend in a foster home confirmed she had been aptly named--she took off up a steep staircase without a moment's pause.

But Adelaide is a great name, too. We're fans of Guys and Dolls, too. And this bunny is a doll. Her new mom writes, "She has no fear. If Lucy the cat hisses, she just charges her....Whenever I come home, she runs around the apartment, jumping around in the air doing a binky."

In this photo, Adelaide seems to know that a hearth is the heart of the home, especially when occupied with a beautiful bunny.

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