Monday, August 03, 2009

Ophelia finds love and a forever home!

In November of 2008, a good Samaritan brought a beautiful lop bunny to Red Door. She had rescued this rabbit from a neighbor who was about to make it Thanksgiving dinner. This poor rabbit was so heartbroken that her family didn't love her, that we decided to name her Ophelia. It soon became apparent that Ophelia was very ill. She spent the next 3 months in isolation battling a severe respiratory infection. With little socialization, we were worried she would come out of isolation a very shy bunny. But Ophelia was healthy, happy and eager to meet new friends when she made her debut. Soon, she had a date with a handsome boy named Pickles, they hit it off and now they live together with the Olson family.


WhiteStix said...

Hurray for Ophelia and Pickles! May they have many loving years together. :-)

Larisa said...

We looooove her, she is a doll!