Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Sunday with the Watseka Rabbits

Eleven Red Door volunteers returned to South Suburban Humane Center in Chicago Heights to work with the confiscated Watseka rabbits. One more rabbit had died overnight, but the remaining bunnies--all 174 of them--were happy to have some company.

We cleaned, fed, medicated, filled hay boxes and water bowls. And we gave out a lot of love. Most of the rabbits are thrilled for a few minutes of attention and a pet on the head. Plus some great hay! Red Door brought 50#s of Oxbow timothy hay on Sunday. At the rate the Watseka rabbits are eating, that will last about a day and a half.

The decision on the fate of these rabbits could come any day now. Red Door will post any news as soon as we hear. Even if the custody of all of the rabbits is awarded to SSHS, the breeder will still have 48 hours to appeal the decision.

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