Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tribune Prints No-Rabbits-at-Easter Letter

Check out board member Toni Greetis's Letter to the Editor in the Chicago Tribune:

No bunny pets
Toni V. Greetis, Rabbit adoption coordinator
Red Door Animal Shelter
Published March 24, 2007

Chicago -- It is Easter time again. Many parents are tempted to buy one of those cute little Easter bunnies that appear in pet stores. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not good starter pets for children. They are high-maintenance, expensive pets that live up to 10 years.In two months' time, these baby bunnies will be sexually mature, leading to spraying and aggressive behavior. Children will soon lose interest, and the rabbit will be neglected or dumped outside--a sure death sentence for a prey animal. In 2006, hundreds of rabbits were surrendered to animal shelters throughout Illinois. Hundreds more died outside from exposure.

Rabbits should be housed indoors, provided an appropriate diet and receive regular veterinary care. They thrive in an environment where they are accepted on their own terms as a member of the family.Save a life and don't buy an Easter bunny. If you must have a rabbit, rescue a spayed or neutered adult rabbit from a local animal shelter .
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