Friday, March 02, 2007

Why a Duck?

Because it was a Chicago blizzard outside....and the duck was definitely in trouble!

That's how Guthrie--a beautiful hybrid domestic mallard-black duck--ended up at Red Door. Matt and Mike were at work when a neighbor came to the door, reporting that "this black creature is running around under the parked cars." So, even though it was the biggest snow storm of the winter, they went outside and found Guthrie--a green-headed black duck who was not interested in their help. Instead he ran around under the cars, trying to elude their grasp.

When they finally caught him, he was a mess (Matt and Mike were a little worse for their troubles, too). His feathers have no oil, so he had no insulation from the cold. He also wasn't waterproof! The poor duck was shaking with cold!Our veterinarian says Guthrie was probably a pet--and either an ill-advised shampoo or too much hugging had stripped his feathers of oil.

Guthrie's been recovering in the shelter office and soon he'll be ready to go to a new home.

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