Monday, March 05, 2007

Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere-Watseka Update

Nine volunteers from Red Door visited the confiscated rabbits at South Suburban Humane Shelter on Sunday, March 4th. Our goal was to help SSHS care for the rabbits. It took us almost seven hours to feed, clean habitats, and medicate! Some rabbits are in OK shape. Eleven have died since SSHS humane investigators seized the rabbits from an unheated garage of a breeder in Watseka, IL. Some face a slow recovery and others--like the red Satin baby bunnies here--will never completely recover from the neglect. All of them are blind, in either one or both eyes, from being housed in an inhumanely small cage. The bunnies had so little room they blinded themselves by being forced to rub up against the bars of their cage.
A hearing will take place in Springfield, IL on Tuesday, March 6th, to determine who will receive legal custody of the rabbits.

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